078: Key Learnings From Best Practices Conference [Podcast]

After going to the Best Practices for Ministry Conference, I realized I need to put my learnings into action. Here are a few key things I learned and that you can put into action as well. BTW, sorry for my voice on this episode :).

On This Episode.

Sorry for my voice, friends.  I picked up a nasty cold but still wanted to get the info to you.

I attended the Best Practices For Ministry conference in Phoenix and loved it!

I learned 10 ways to increase morale and motivation in my organization from Dr. John Reeb of The Colorado Leadership Institute (Crestcom).

I also learned that the 80-20 principle is a PRINCIPLE!  That means if you are a leader in a non-profit, 80 percent of the work gets done by 20 percent of the people and that’s okay!  Not everyone is always in the 20 percent.  Get the 20 percenters to see their role as serving the 80 percent.



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  • Thanks for sharing from the BPM Conference. I loved the brain science that you included – I did not know that and I, too, will “borrow” that for my training going forward!

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